A spirit pleads to be laid to rest... An ancient head starts to speak... An immortal stalks the corridors of power...

The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett revives the glorious tradition of fireside storytelling at its scariest. These strange, suspenseful, unsettling tales bring to mind M.R James and Robert Aickman, as they tread a fine line between dread and paranoia.

They present a cast of vengeful spirits and desperate souls, reincarnates and revenants, evil forces and murderous cults, who infest the streets and homes, the schools and hospitals, the pubs and farms of modern Britain.

Leavened with a dark humour, the stories are all immaculately constructed, each one building towards a gripping conclusion, with a twist in every tail. They are told as a dramatic monologues and have been recorded by a team of top radio actors, including Glen McCready, Wayne Forester and DeNica Fairman.

Season One made the last eight as both Outstanding Horror/Thriller and Best Ensemble Cast at this year’s New Jersey Web Fest. The series was also one of The Podcasts of the Year 2021 in medium.com

The settings for the nine stories of the first season ranged from an abandoned Welsh hill farm to a Sheffield building site, from a converted pub in London’s East End to the courtyard of a Cambridge college. 

The second season began in September and has featured another desperate cast of characters including a sinister London fashionista, three young hooligans who face the ultimate test of nerve, and a woman who believes she is being followed from in front.

The series is taking a break over the Christmas period but will be back in the New Year.

The stories are all still available on Apple, Spotify, Google and all the usual podcast apps. Links can be found in the Season One and Season Two pages of this website.

The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett. Even though you’ve drawn the curtains, you never know whose face is pressed up against the window…